Roche Decor has in its repertoire, a vast collection of light regulation products. Our products are a blend of style, quality, budget-friendly products which also has eco-friendly added to our quiver.

Coming from a decade old company, powered by an experienced team and backed by internationally renowned brands, our products are easily, the best in the market.

Roller Blinds

Our wide range of roller blinds come with a choice of Glass fiber and PVC screens with the openness factors ranging from 3% to 10% for optimization of day light, Blackout and Dim-out fabrics for AV areas / conference rooms and Translucent fabrics to suit any interiors.

Roche Decor Roller blinds are available in both manual and motorized operating versions. In simpler terms, they can be operated by the average tech-savvy teenager and a more manually dependent senior citizen with as much ease.

Acoustic Roller Blinds

Specially designed for Corporate offices & ideal for AV rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms & any other area where noise levels are a concern.

Panel Track

A unique dimension to window treatments - perfect for today's extensive glazed areas.

Panel track blinds, also referred to as sliding panels, offer a new and innovative idea for covering extra large windows and sliding glass doors. Hanging panels span your window or stack neatly over each other when opened. These sliding panels also work great as a room divider.

Skylight Blinds

While skylights create visual interest in homes with high ceilings or sloped walls and provide additional natural light, these windows are sometimes the source of unwanted heat gain and UV exposure. To compensate, skylight window shades for blinds can protect against UV damage and help insulate your home and lower your energy bill.

We currently offer Pleated & Duette shades with specifically designed hardware system for skylights. These skylight shades come with 0.8 mm pvc coated steel wires to support the shade at any position, and can be operated manually with an optional skylight pole that is available when you place your order. These skylight window shades operate at any angle - vertical, sloped or even horizontal. Just specify the orientation when placing the order.

Wooden Blinds

Give your room an erudite look with our new range of solid wood blinds. Give it a facelift that makes it seem like a room from the realms of the alchemy, amid modern amenities. Wooden blinds are a modern alternative to curtains with an old world touch.

Timberline wooden Venetian blinds are made of 100% Basswood. This wood is recognised as a stable material for blinds and has few knots.

All Timberline wooden blinds have colour coordinated operating cords, tapes, tassels and wooden valence to cover the headrail.

Vertical Blinds

we excels at providing the highest and most consistent standards of vertical blinds with a choice of Blackout, Dim-out and Translucent fabrics with an option of FR treatment to meet highest safety standards. We ensure that unpleasant light stays out. However, we understand the necessity for natural light, hence you always have the alternative of regulating just how much natural light needs to come in and how much stays out.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Aluminium Venetian Blinds are perfect for all interiors. They have this all-round quality to suit diverse looks. The clean and crips line of our Venetian blinds give an uncluttered look to windows.

These super light Venetian blinds come with cord lock and acrylic tilt wand mechanism; these are available in solid plain colors, metallic finishes and perforated slats.

When fully raised, the blinds stack in to a very small footprint at the top of the window, without obscuring your view. Of course, you can simply tilt the Venetian blind slats and precisely control the amount of light you let in to the room.

Surprisingly easy to clean either by a quick dusting or they can be wiped clean - making them excellent blinds for kitchens and bathrooms. No more grappling with sponges and acids!

Specially designed for Corporate offices & ideal for AV rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms & any other area where noise levels are a concern.